Hey there, I'm Anna!

Your Time Management Coach here to help you stop feeling overwhelmed and start spending time on what matters most.

Inside Get a Game Plan, I'll guide you through a simple 3-step process to design your winning week. You’ll walk away with a method for prioritizing your most important work based on your roles and responsibilities, a framework for designing your ideal week, and a blueprint for winning your week before it starts.

What's Inside?

The Get a Game Plan Curriculum

  • 1

    Start Here!

    • Lesson 00: What to Expect + Download Your Workbook!

  • 2

    Get a Game Plan: 3 Steps to Design Your Winning Week

    • Lesson 01: Decide What Matters Most

    • Lesson 02: Design Your Winning Week

    • Lesson 03: Define Your Weekly Game Plan

  • 3

    BONUS: Routines That Stick!

    • BONUS: How to Create Routines that Actually Stick

You've Got Questions?

Awesome! I've Got Answers.

  • I'm busy! How long will this take me?

    I know you've got a lot on your plate. That's why Get a Game Plan is short and sweet, but packs a punch. It should take about an hour to get all of the details.

  • I'm a busy mom / single girl / business owner / corporate professional / dude - Will this work for me, too?

    Absolutely! Get a Game Plan is designed to fit YOUR unique, messy life and has been successfully implemented by women (and men) across many industries and stages of life.

  • What if I buy this, try this and it doesn't work for me?

    I can guarantee that if you watch the videos inside Get a Game Plan and do the exercises in your workbook you WILL walk into your weeks feeling more prepared and less stressed. However, if you're not satisfied, I promise to make it right.